What does AMP Stand for?
Accelerated Mobile Pages is built by using AMP HTML, Which will make your website load faster than website being built by pure HTML Code. It is four times faster than standard Html built pages isn’t AMAZING!

Benefits of getting AMP for your website:
1. Keep your users engaged with your website
Why? It just loads less than one second which means that is almost instant that the user clicks on your link the page will load up. Be it reading a piece of article or making a purchase of your products.

2. Increasing Your Revenue for your site
With faster loading speed means faster experience on your whole website. If you are running a campaign, ads or brand awareness it will increase your conversation rate that is something that you want to achieve in the long run.

3. Google With AMP
Google is supporting AMP Project for this implementation for the mobile-first indexing which this actual favour sites that have implemented AMP for their website. It also helps Google to reduce strains on their servers from its cache.

Google also releases best practices for their upcoming mobile first indexing and will predominantly use the mobile site content for ranking and indexing. As in this century who doesn’t own a smartphone to do most of their searching and shopping.

Get started implementing AMP on your WordPress Website?
Now comes the easiest part how you going to install the plugin for your site. There is an official plugin developed and is consistently updated on GitHub

1. You just have to upload the folder to your web hosting directory
2. Activate it on the WordPress plugin page
3. Refresh your permalinks
That’s it and you will have AMP installed on your WordPress Site

AMP recently case study also shows a great performance:

149% Increase in clicks

231% Increase in impressions

For a news site which cannot be disclosed.
Will you be able to implement AMP on HTML site?
Of course, you can implement AMP on HTML site but there is a drawback on this. As it is a stripped down version of HTML and by replacing to amp tag will not work because it will interfere with the design of your website. You can go through yourself on the tutorial provided by AMP to understand it.

Spending your time and understanding AMP will bring great benefits to your website in the future. Just take a note that what is shared here is not ranking factor, but it’s just a great information you can use for your website and business.

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