What can Our SEO Consultant do for you?

Advertising cost is getting higher and business like you are trying to cut down on the budget. We are here to make your business visible on the search engines and increase web traffic for your website. There are more than 30 SEO benefits than paid advertising in the long run.


Here are some of the differences that SEO can help you:

•       It takes time for results of the work take effect •       After setting up paid advertisement, results are almost instant.
•       The gradual process to improve results over time •       Requires management to ensure the budget is not wasted
•       Requires ongoing optimization •       Once the budget has stopped, results also will stop instantly
•       Residual benefits will be seen even when your budget has stopped  

The SEO Journey For Your Business Site

We will ask what are the “objectives” and “goals” for your company. Here is an overview of what is going to happen after the discussion:

Key Performance Key Responsibility
Strategy, Planning and Delivery ·         Create the technical SEO and organic growth strategy that works for your website.

·         Co-ordinate with development teams and marketing teams to deliver the region’s strategy

Technical SEO Analysis and Remediation ·         Ensure crawlable, healthy websites that rank high in key search engines for multiple keywords

·         Conduct audits to gauge the SEO health of your websites from:

1.       indexation

2.       rankings

3.       crawl rate

4.       site speed

5.       availability

·         Determine and deliver actions required based on audit outcomes

·         Collect and disseminate web metrics

On Page Optimization Utilize the latest techniques to ensure high ranking across pages including:

·         Website architecture & internal linking optimization

·         Identify duplicate content issues

·         URL optimization

·         Meta & Heading tags management

·         Page speed & image optimization

·         Use of H1, H2, canonical, no-follow tags

·         Improve image & video search optimisation

·         Manage sitemaps & robots.txt

·         Resolve mobile usability issue

·         Improve page load speed on a mobile device

·         Language & location tags

We like to bring you as much value for your company and great growth and presences on the search engines for your business. Feel free to contact us at enquiry@webbory.com for any information and also look at our packages when you are ready to join us.

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