Almost everyone in this world uses Google Engine to search for information, products, and directions to the places we want to go. Users like you and me in today’s world we do not have much patience to wait for a website to load more than 5 seconds. We will naturally think that the website is broken and we will close the tab which you might lose a potential customer or reader that might be interested in your products which is very serious and we are here to help your business.

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What will it help for the website?

Website Loading Speed

We will improve your website architecture to decrease the website loading time to your users. Which is about 70% of the website in the world are loading so slow that the users close the page before even looking at the page.

Keywords Research

The key foundation of SEO which is one of the more important factors that must be looked into seriously. You build a website is to let people find your site to buy a product or services and without a good keyword research what your customers are looking for you might be losing them.

We will be will providing 15 keywords for you to select that your customers are looking for your service or products! Isn’t it GREAT?

Get Your Website Index On Search Engines

After we have researched the keywords and place it on your website what is next is making your website visible to the search engines by submitting your sitemap to them. We will submit to the major search engines Google(92.3%), Yahoo(2.51%) and Bing(2.28%). We do not charge for other search engine optimization!

Note: If you do not have a sitemap on your website we will create one for you

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