These days when you want to build a website for your business, should you consider looking into SEO first?
Here are a couple of reasons:

  • SEO brings huge benefits over long-term business
  • As rising advertising cost SEO can bring down the cost
  • Increasing your brand awareness
  • Increasing credibility
  • Increase the conversion rate on your website

You should understand the goals and objective of the business that you are doing. I like to give an example of how a website is like a supermarket.


As you are walking towards the supermarket you saw a huge company logo let’s give it a name “Mama’s shop” and today you are very thirsty and thinking of going to the drink section to get a drink but you have no idea of what to drink and found that you have a craving of drinking a can of coke and you are puzzle seeing there are so many different kinds of coke products such as:” coke classic, coke light, coke stevia, coke no sugar” and then you decided ok since I am on a diet I should drink coke no sugar.

Notice that when you walk into Mama’s Shop is like your website homepage and users will browse through your website and find the category that they want which is drinks and to the brand coke and to the subcategory of coke.

Home About Us Drinks Contact Us Blog
Coke --> Coke Classic
Coke Light
Coke Stevia
Coke No Sugar

As you can see the structure each of box is considered a different page and is well organised so that user can find what they want fast and efficiently. So now you have let’s talk about Keywords Research on for Mama’s Shop.

Why Do We Need Keywords Research?

Is considered one of the core tasks of doing SEO as we need to identify what is the popular words and phrases even questions to figure out what to rank for. Researching help you to understand how high the demand for certain keywords and how hard to rank/gain traffic from those search terms.

SEO Keywords Research

For instance, when you use a keyword tool it will tell you roughly how many monthly searches that particular word has. In this case, coke is 1300 monthly search volume.
After you have done researching the keywords that you need for your web pages, we will need to create those pages and naming the URL.

*Note: The volume shown above is approximately 20% of the data for monthly search.

Why URL Optimisation?

Firstly, it is to let the search engine knows what is the webpage is talking about. Secondly, is for the users to know that they are on the right page of the product. So now let’s begin naming our Mama’s Shop URL.


*Note URL must name be clear and precise and with the keywords that you are doing. Some the URL can look like this

All the URL naming should be all lowercase letters and keep it consistent throughout the whole website.

What is Title Tag and Meta Description?

In short, “Title Tags” are coloured in blue and clickable links on the google search results page. As for “Meta Description,” it is a short description of the page what is it about the webpage information of products and is it what they want to click on the link. These two elements play a huge part on the search results pages as they are the wordings that will attract people to click in and for the search engines bots to know that you are selling services or a car as the above image is showing. You have to make sure the page is accurate and attractive for the words that you are going to input in.

For instance, we look at this URL: we can set it as:

Title Tag: Best Tasting Coke Stevia Using Natural Sweeteners
Meta Description: We’re constantly innovating to create new drinks so our range has something to suit every lifestyle and occasion. Click to find out more information!

You can also write “click here to buy now!” is really up to you what kind of marketing words that you want to use for both important elements.

Content for the webpage?

We have done up to this amount of setup and if your webpage pages are all images and do you think you can rank for the keywords that you have research? Partially “No” you still can rank but the search engine bots cannot find the content on your website to know what is the webpage about. Some examples will be:

• what kind of website is this, informational, navigation or e-commerce?
• Is the content good enough to give to users to read?
• Checking the content duplicated or copied from some other sites

These are probably 0.01% that the search engine servers are analysing content with AI technology machines and are getting smarter than before. My advice is “Do Not Copy Word For Word” is just like taking a school exams everyone with the same paper but the answers are all answered differently from every student as long as the students understand the point of the question they get marks.

In examinations, once the papers are handled up to the teacher you are not able to edit for a better answer. For SEO content is a completely different, even the same topic can be edit over and over again as long it is relevant to the topic also it is encouraged to update or enhance old content the best at least you know that whoever reads the webpage will gain value from the article.

What should be in the content?

Content needs to include some of the keywords that you have researched and done some internal linking with some of your web pages so that there is a flow on your website. Since you have done the researched on the keywords you have to find out what kind of topic or information that the users might want to take interest on reading to understand your product and or services best is to go as detail as possible and engaging. Users generally, can feel whether this website is genuine. Best recommended words per page are about maybe 500 to 1000 words but if you have more to write and is relevant to what business you are doing you can write it as long as you like.

Most importantly, is the users that you are taking care of not the search engine bots. Users turning into your customers one of the key metrics that you should concentrate to acquire.

Why do we need analytics tracking?

Analytics Tracking gives the business valuable insights which will help you shape your business success strategy. This actually helps you to understand the user behaviour on what are they looking for and addressing business needs and can help you prepare and cater well to your customers.

Few points that are commonly considered when having tracking in place on your website:
• Where your visitors are coming
• Segment your customer base
• To Create and Track Campaigns that are doing very well
• Learning what search terms bring in traffic
• Understanding which social platforms to target
• Understand why visitor bouncing off your website
• Check if all the goals that set to track performing.

Using SEO is important in today’s world of digital everyone is carrying a smartphone and we can do a lot of things with it and users like us tend to have less attention span if the webpage is not loading fast enough we will actually close it as we don’t actually like to wait which it applies to all website around the world.

When you have a business regardless online drop shipping, retails shop chains or providing a professional service. A website is one of the first things that comes to your mind. Therefore, SEO should be implemented before the opening doors of your business. It is a part of a long-term marketing strategy.

What are the SEO benefits that will help your business?

SEO Runs 24 hours 7 days a week, when you are asleep you acquire new enquires or searchers buying from your online store, which is so GREAT! Having detailed content for your customers to read is important, as it can lead them purchase items on the store or enquire more in-depth information from you.

Collecting customer feedback and do a common faq so that they can understand more about the stuff they are getting. Consistent updating of your information on the site is as important as the offline business that you are handling on a daily basis.

It increases your brand awareness and credibility as users keep searching their interest and seeing your website everywhere on SERP.
This will lead users to purchase items from your e-shop or enquire your services.
Measuring your website data helps you greatly about what are the users are interacting with your site. Examples:

• Are they using more desktop or mobile to find information about your business?
• Are they more females or males buying from you?
• What are the age group that looking at the product?
• Looking at their interest and make a few campaigns to target those groups?

As you can see there are way more benefits to list it out. We are concern about your business and really do want to help you grow better in the digital world.

I am 100% sure you will be happy with us. Feel free to contact us at for more information

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